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21st-Oct-2006 05:17 pm - Check it out, peeps!
Hi everyone!

I realise some of you have yet to add the new community; you need to! ^^ And obviously, posted there can't be seen if you haven't friended it; so don't forget to add elite_titans_rpand elite_titans_3pAlso be sure to check out the mass add; and don't forget to see the new IM list when I get it up! ^^

Also, remember to update your user infos for the new RP, including pictures, etc, for those of you who changed/will be changing PBs, as well as other characters with new players/PBs that might be on your user info.
15th-Oct-2006 05:26 pm - OOC MODLY POST
boy wonder
Kay, folks, the new RP is basically up! :D We're still working through a few details, but it's almost ready to go.

Elite Titans RP
Elite Titans 3P

Here are the links to the RP and the 3P, respectively. We need you RPers to post a comment in this thread telling us which journals you're keeping. Due to a new rule, RPers are limited to 4 characters unless otherwise told. Details on the homepage. Pick out which characters you want, and tell us here! Keep in mind that any character that scored a 6 or less in the assessment needs to re-apply via the new community's "application thread".

Any and all comments/suggestions for the rules and/or character lists are greatly appreciated, and are to be posted here as well. ^_^
12th-Oct-2006 02:51 pm(no subject)
FK:KF looking down

Seeing as how 5 out of 9 votes are already in for me as the third mod, the rest of you can vote but don't have to if you'd rather not. I already got the majority... even if everyone else voted Ren, I'd still have more. (Yay for an odd number of RPers!)

So anyway, just so you all know... the RPers have chosen Julie and Alison and me as the new mods.

Comment here with thoughts, complaints, and suggestions.

As far as I know, all three of us have said that you can keep your same chars, but there IS this thing about the RP Self-Assessment that is left to be posted.

Someone had the thought that any char who got a 6 or less needs to apply again and get accepted before they're allowed to keep the journals. Thoughts on that? I tend to really like the idea.

For the sake of time, I'll go ahead and post everyone's number scores. Once I finish the comments and other stuff, I'll post them... and half are finished so upon request I can give you that too. Took out Liz's chars, though you can all imagine how they scored.

Read more...Collapse )

For those whose votes were not counted, it's either time to get them active or just drop the journals altogether.

Some people are dropping certain journals already. I can add to this list if you want:

Private HIVE
Ruby X

12th-Oct-2006 10:10 am(no subject)
FK:KF looking down
Poll #843096 3rd mod

Vote for the last mod, Julie and Alison being already determined... break the tie!


EDIT: Serenity and I can vote for ourselves. It's silly otherwise. XD
11th-Oct-2006 11:34 am(no subject)
---This was intended as a reply to Ali's post in response to the poll but apparently it exceeds LJ's max character limit of 4300 characters for a reply o_O---

That is a very good point. My thought though is that if you're concerned about in-activeness, that's what the other mods are for; why there are more than one. Additionally, in response to me being inactive. As nearly all of you know, the reason for my extremely long absence has been total lack of internet access. I had moved into an apartment and the initial set-up time and all of that dragged on forever. It was rough, I went from averaging about 12 or so hours a day on the internet, RP included, to roughly about 1. I was not a happy camper. I had an internet connection at work so that's how I kept up with email and the (very) occasional 3p. Once I got internet all the drama and hurt/confusion with the entire Liz thing exploded and I still wasn't able to RP with the computer time I had. The point is I have internet now and mid-terms, Liz stuff, etc. have all died down and I have the time the RP deserves. Beth and I both honestly feel we have the time the RP deserves. That's why we decided to create another RP, leaving the old behind entirely.

Which brings me to my next point. I found it interesting how this all started out as Beth and me having a heart to heart talk and deciding to create an RP ourselves and everyone coming along with us. We both got emails and comments of "if" or "when you guys make a new RP, _______". It started off with the acknowledgment that Beth and I were starting a new RP. We didn't cease power, we didn't carry over our Liz bestowed modship as Jewel pointed out (honestly speaking, Jewel, thank you for that, I'm serious). We started out with us assuming modship because it started out as -us- creating a new, better RP. One with real rules and a better balance of responsibilities and power. Checks and balances and better ways of voicing concerns to the moderators. No more rules changing on the whim of a single person in charge. We all hated that from Liz's RP. We ('we' here being Beth and me) know extremely well and personally the frustrations and struggles with a ruling authority like that, where rule number one really says it all with "what I (moderator, whoever it is) say, goes." That's not the way things should be run, and we (again, Beth and me) know that intimately and have/had planned rules and things set in place to prevent that.

We heard everyone's, quite literally everyone's, personal requests for modship and/or more power in this new RP that Beth and I were creating (again, acknowledging that it was Beth and me creating it), and knew that it was a good idea. It still is. It's something that is very needed. At the very least a.. 'rewards' system or acknowledgment of seniority and/or doing a superb job of RPing and being active. In that sense it helps retain members and attract new ones; but that's just a positive side-effect, the real need for it is a true balance of power. However, what we had decided was that 2 mods are enough with starting out.. with just we 9 members. The need for more mods comes with a growing pool of people -to- mod. We can't have 6 mods for 9 people, that's ridiculous. It makes matters worse when people get upset and threaten this or that if they don't get to be mod -_-. Going beyond our thought that we had enough mods for the number of people we have, if we had chosen just one, feelings would inevitably be hurt via our 'picking favorites'. Yes, I do remember the person mentioning that they would gladly retract their bid to be mod if it meant a certain other to be initiated as mod instead. *sigh*, I'm starting to get off topic.

What I find frustrating is how much this has seemed to turn into a power struggle. It has seemed way too much like it than it should have. Beth and I have this entire time been trying to make everything fair and coming up with ways in which to make it so. What's frustrating is that whenever we tried to explain or lay out what we had thought of in an effort to get -your- thoughts and input, we were greeting simply with a question in the rough form of "who died and make you in charge? why do -you- get to decide what's fair? if you want it to be fair, _______" and it instead turns into a battle of who should make the rules and why it isn't fair that Beth and I are trying to make them. *headdesk* would everyone please stop, take a step back and out of themselves and the situation, and look at what is going on?!? We want nothing more than to make everything fair and to do right by everyone with the RP that -we- were going to create, and it seems that the only thing people can think of is that they should be the ones in power. After running circles around this for many hours yesterday, we finally agree'd to just put it to a vote. We were going to vote on who was going to be the mods of the RP that Beth and I were creating.

It finally had become clear to us that we had lost, it was a lost cause to keep fighting about how the RP should be run, our thoughts and ideas hadn't been taken anyway. It hurt. We never wanted any of this to look like we had taken this power and let it get to us and wanted to bar all others from 'stealing' any of our power. We just wanted to start an RP with rules set in place to keep the whole mod thing to a minimum, where the mod status kind of stuff would be more like the actual LJ term 'maintainer'. We wanted to keep the mod as a maintainer of the community and all of that, not some almighty ruler who wave's the mighty scepter of modship and makes everything the way -they- want it. That mighty scepter of modship would be a complete last resort, everything would be handled first by the rules that -everyone- has a hand in creating and agreeing upon in the beginning, second by they comm as a whole, then the officials and mods, then finally a final decision by the mod(s). It's designed to hopefully never reach that point of course.

That 'officials' step is probably a little confusing to pretty much everyone XD Beth and I thought of it over lunch yesterday. The thought of having as few -mod- mods as possible, but still having people in charge. A sort of hierarchy kind of thing perhaps. The old way was all power or no power, no gray area or anything in between. There are many problems with that but the main one I'm considering here being that there's no way to have any sort of reward kind of system or a well organized committee even. With only mods and then everyone else, it's still just the mods making final decisions and wielding all power. The idea with officials or officers (the name isn't at all important, we can name it whatever it's decided to use it) is that each of them has their own little domain and/or set of jobs that they have their own full control over. An example could be advertising and promotion, with perhaps banner making and all that thrown in there. The person(s) in charge of that would be able to have full control and power over their area. They would have responsibility and power, but not full control. Again, we want as few people in "full" control as we can to ensure that it isn't abused and all that, again, the maintainer mindset. In decision making, the officials would have more say in matters than normal members. This reflects the sort of reward system and seniority elements as I explained before. Officials would have set jobs and/or domains where they have control. It helps break up and balance the power.

Well, anyway, In hindsight I think we should have just let Jewel be mod with us and avoided alll this craziness. The comm's would have been up and running by now. Yesterday was going to be uber focused RP building but ended up a debate -_-.

I just really wanted to get all that out. Thanks for putting up with it all. I'm sorry it's been so hectic and tense, but we just wanted to ensure the best RP experience possible and thought our way for the RP Beth and I were creating would work for the best by all.

Jewel requested I add this part. It builds upon the officials thought explained above:
I just had another thought
and it's similar to what you guys suggested last night
which is that, just say hypothetically that Beth, Ali, Sen, and I were a mod team
I would probably take the initiative to start polls and involve the community in decision making.. the social worker, if you will
Beth would probably make the site changes and the more technical stuff, with your help
Alli, as she has done, might make big posts about changes and such in the rp
and Sen might be interested in taking kind of a 'support' role
but all of us would be able to mod posts and talk to players about things, in such a way that no one has too much responsibility, and less to worry about
something would always be covered
like I said, I like compromise.. and if we can incorporate the ideas you and Beth had, with the democratic strategy.. it really might be something good.

She also requested this, discussing a possible revote for the comm:
Jewel: yeah, same
I'm for a re-vote if that's what you guys wanna do
it's totally understandable

me: a re-vote with you, ren, ali, beth and me? since those were the ones with any votes

Jewel: It's important to me that there are no hurt feelings or anything
we can just tell the community it's round 2 XD

me: right

Jewel: due to complications
3rd-Oct-2006 07:38 pm(no subject)
emma lahana
Okay, guys, I've gotten a little overwhelmed with everybody coming to me with their problems/issues/suggestions to do with the RP. So for the next two weeks, if you have something you want to address, e-mail Ali! (since she volunteered) October 18 is my birthday, so she and her co-mod sis are gonna take care of things til then. Cause I need to chill.

Oh, and one more favor: just don't talk to me about RP stuff unless I bring it up, okay?
1st-Oct-2006 04:38 pm(no subject)
boy wonder
Robin just talked to Slade. Of course we all know that was interesting...

Robin/Slade convoCollapse )

*sigh* Poor guy. What's he getting himself into this time?
29th-Sep-2006 05:09 pm(no subject)
pull hair
  Hey, me & Mel won't be here from tommorrow to next Saturday.  Our new soon-to-be stepmom wants to "aqquant" with us and take us camping.  Joy.
28th-Sep-2006 09:10 am(no subject)
boy wonder
Kay kay, all the main Titans are needed in this thread:

It also explains Robin's latest post... >_>
27th-Sep-2006 07:13 pm - OMGAH, WHAT?
Today I was riding over to the church to have a meeting about my job (yay, job!), and I found an advertisement from Moe's, a Mexican restaurant around here. And guess what?


Yeah, I thought I'd tell you that.

Oh, and my job pays seven bucks an hour. Too bad it's only one night a month!
24th-Sep-2006 12:40 pm - Part I of Slade's plan
Hey guys.. I need a little assistance with the Slade/Tiger part of the plan. 

In case you haven't read, Tiger forcefully withdrew from Slade's apprenticeship, and in return, Slade demanded he be compensated for his time and training, in the very least. He knows how to get Tiger under his control, so he isn't worried about the fact that he's pulling out for the time being, or however long.

So, since Slade can't threaten Tiger's girlfriend, seeing as it's Slade's daughter, he has targeted Jinx, Tiger's best friend, as collateral. Tiger does what he says, Jinx lives. 

Being devious as he is, Slade knows Tiger is considering being with the Titans, even if it's just to be close to Rose. But he won't so easily be one-upped by a teenager.

So Tiger's mission will be something involving both Titans Towers. My idea was that a criminal (or string of criminals) had been apprehended with plans and or actual weaponry/technology. But whatever it is, is in two parts. One at each tower. Slade wants them both, because one would be useless without the other.

What are your thoughts? If this or something similar doesn't work, then I'm out of ideas!
22nd-Sep-2006 10:17 pm(no subject)
FK:KF looking down
Gee Tina...

Now Jesse McCartney is like all stuckded in my head. XDDD

Lol... thank you very little.

Because you make me belieeeeeve in myself when no-BO!-dy else can help because you liiiive girl.... my world...

*gasp gack collapse*

22nd-Sep-2006 10:36 am(no subject)
Hey y'all, guess who decided to be the Borg? Just thought BB could use a friend who's not an aluring female or...well...Robin.


I am so freakin scared. Cy Gurl's not so hard, cause I can fudge her a little. That and she's female. I feel like I'm gonna mess up Cy's character real bad, so y'all let me know if I'm off.
19th-Sep-2006 05:24 pm(no subject)
Selene just did something I never thought she'd do.

prepare to be shockedCollapse )
15th-Sep-2006 06:42 pm(no subject)
boy wonder
Okay... I just have to say it...

THE TT MOVIE IS COMING ON IN LESS THAN AN HOUR AND I AM OMGOMGOMGOMG EXCITED!!!!!!111one eleven xDDDDDD 7:30 can't come soon enough!!!!


Hokay, that is all. x3


I finished watching the movie... and... all I can say is... (spoilers ahead)...

Read more...Collapse )
14th-Sep-2006 08:09 pm(no subject)

Hallelujah, praise the lord, etc., Sammeh has teh internet! TT___TT

Buuut, this doesn't really mean that I'll be any more active than I've been lately xD;; Since my first year of highschool (well, technically) started about a week ago, my teachers are starting to get into the groove of loading us all up with homework. Which is not fun. And since our new house is still a mess, I have a lot of cleaning when I'm not doing homework, and when I'm not cleaning or doing homework, I'm at the stable xD;; Soooo yeah. Busy busy.

Long story short, aside from jumping on in the mornings before school and the weekends that I'm at my dad's house, Sammeh won't be here much >< Sorreh.
13th-Sep-2006 03:25 am - The Evil that is Selene Rosenberg
I'm sure more than one of you is wondering what the crap is going on with BB. There's a nice, short answer for that: Selene.

Selene has been very emotionally unstable as of late. She almost lost her boyfriend to Sister Blood and she's beginning to feel very unattractive as she gains weight and a belly from the pregnancy. The comments last week from Malchora, as well as what Selene perceived to be apathy from Jinx with the comment to 'chill out', pushed her to the edge. As she saw it, most of the people who cared about her were either Titans or think of becoming one again. She was rethinking everything, to the point that she told Roxy she would feel safer with the Titans.

In the mist of this, I'm guessing out of desperation, Gar imed her to ask advice about his situation with Terra and Rae. At that point, she was too emotionally exhausted to yell, so she actually talked to him about it. After that, since he doesn't know that kind of conversation with a Titan is rare for her, he decided people judge her too fast and that she was actually pretty cool. So she asked him to talk to Robin about her staying there. We all know what Robin said.

Well, since then, she has talked to her boyfriend about all this, and though Billy and I have yet to finish that conversation, she's definitely put the thoughts of being a Titan behind her, and with the time away from the rest of the team and the stress about Malchora, she is now joyfully manipulating Gar, putting all sorts of ideas in his head. She was the goddess mentioned in one of his posts, which was a name thing: his name belongs to a cat in comics, hers belongs to a goddess in Greek mythology. He was the one who inspired one of her new icons; she was going for a 'goddess' look. The offer he made her was to bring her anything she was in need of.

And then, there is this conversation, which makes me want to believe Selene is some sort of succubus.

the convo of doomCollapse )

I'm sure everybody is like " O_O That is so wrong!"

You're right. It is.
11th-Sep-2006 06:41 pm(no subject)
Attention everybody! New journal alert!

Taris is now using Bart under his own account. :-)
9th-Sep-2006 01:26 pm(no subject)
Two things:

1) Rave needed here.

2) Beth! I made a tag for Bart on pwnedtitans3p! I marked the most recent one with him, but all the others are up to you to mark. If you want to, that is.
9th-Sep-2006 09:53 am(no subject)
Hey, guys and girls. It's been real fun RPing with such awesome people, but I don't think I can do it anymore. I'm going to miss you so much. I have to much social life, and barely anytime. I have to drop Kitten & Ran, no matter how much I don't want too. I'll email ze mod with the new passwords.

Much love to all of you.
9th-Sep-2006 08:59 am(no subject)
boy wonder
In light of what was just said in Selene and Mac's 3P, I thought it would be helpful for everyone to know what was actually said in the conversation between Robin and Selene. Just so you get the whole perspective and Robin doesn't come across as an absolute jerk. xD

Read more...Collapse )
7th-Sep-2006 09:16 am(no subject)
PB Arsenal
Hiyo, peeps. ^_^

I'd like to give everyone kind of a Roy update. He's been rather active lately, which is great, especially in the IM and 3p stuff... and so that everyone's on the same page, thought I'd go through some stuff.

First of all, Roy, after a conversation with Lass on IM a few days ago, came to fully realize what sort of responsibility he had to Steel City. Because of a drug addiction (to heroin) in his past, Roy knows the ins and outs of the illegal narcotic industry, and will likely end up dedicating himself to busting that up in Steel in particular.

He's also with Wendy again. You'll note in the latest thread with the two of them that she just found alcohol in his fridge.

Roy right now is going through a period of breaking habits and struggling with addictions. He does drink to get drunk, picked up smoking again, and has taken to quite frequent cursing and otherwise vulgar terms. XD

In all of his guilt issues, Roy never turned to back to heroin. He knows heroin, he knows people who died ODing on the stuff, and even though it wouldn't take much effort for him to get some, didn't go there.

I'm about to post a 3p with Roy, where he will get his hands on heroin. Not because he's trying to find it, quite the contrary, but he will have it in his possession... and it will cause conflict later on, not sure how yet, but if Roy has possession of a drug he's been addicted to in the past, only trouble can result.

Therefore! How many of you seriously think Beth does heroin, has ever done herion, or knows people who've had herion addictions? Well, she hasn't. So pretty much all her writing will be based on research.

That means her writing, especially descriptions, will likely fall short of a truly accurate situation. I can make it sound totally real, ya'll, but it won't be totally real, since I don't know entirely what I'm talking about.

So just bear with me, since I'm going into topics that I can only research to really grasp. Hopefully you guys haven't had drug addictions in the past and won't know the difference anyway.

I'm going to be taking liberties... expounding on details... and they won't be entirely correct. At least I doubt it, since I'll be making it up. It'd be kinda cool if I was right.

So basically, medical disclaimer, yo... if you find a dude who ODed on heroin, call 911 and give them CPR. But past that, don't look to Beth's posts for knowledge. You might kill somebody. XD

♥ Beth
7th-Sep-2006 04:10 am - TEH MODLY UPDATE
emma lahana
Some characters went bye-bye:

Madame Rouge
Kor Yage -- I just couldn't play her, because I didn't understand her. Racism is a really foreign concept for me. But oh well, I tried ^^;

Also, a new thing to be added to the rules: if your team is lacking a player, whoever is the leader of that team (or a mod) is allowed to play for those characters. Jewel has already been doing this for characters like Mammoth and See-More. Since Bee or Yellow Jacket aren't in play, I'll have to figure out who is going to fill in for her, since I don't know her character that well.

Also, if you're a double of the missing character, you're welcome to ask me for permission to fill in.

And now...we really need to talk about promoting. And not just talk about it, but do it. Jewel and Beth, are you guys still up for making some banners? It would be really helpful! You should probably limit them to 500x500, though I personally would go smaller.

Oh, and Billy: as soon as you get internet access, you need to update the IM list. Don't worry yourself over it right now. If I can't worry, you can't!

Oh, Beth, add babe_flash to the maintainers of ptrp_titanseast. I'll take myself off whenever we get a Bee.

I don't think I left anything out.
4th-Sep-2006 10:22 pm(no subject)
Since a good many of you have figured it out already, I may as well just come out with it: I, your main mod, am playing Rourka. Yay.
4th-Sep-2006 07:44 pm(no subject)
pull hair
  Hey guys.  I decided to switch Cadet's PB to the blond Keira Knightley.  Alyson Michalka can't take a good picture of her, and I hate her, so I decided that I needed to change it to someone else.  I just thought I needed to tell you that and am changing all of my icons as we speak.
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